The SUMMIT is the premier business conference serving Youth Sport, Performance, and Education Industries.  Focusing on the issues and opportunities of our unique industry, the SUMMIT is a powerful blend of smart, relevant, entertaining…and immediately useful information.  Fast paced yet personal, the SUMMIT provides fresh, tangible, well-researched concepts that can make an immediate impact on your operational, educational and financial operations. The SUMMIT is undeniably the most exciting opportunity of the year to brainstorm and spend quality time with the top leaders in the industry.  Whether you are an owner, manager, coach or teacher, you will leave inspired and energized and ready to take your business to the next level!

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

Surrounded by breathtaking architecture, timeless beauty and old-world charm, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa offers a destination where rich history, modern luxury, and classic elegance exist in perfect balance. Originally built as a two-story adobe guesthouse in 1876, the Inn has become the crown jewel of Inland Southern California, occupying an entire city block. The Inn is world renowned for its holiday appeal. With over 4 million lights, animated scenes, carolers, ice skating, performers and live reindeer, you will revel in the spirit of the season!   

Our group rates start at $165 (plus taxes) per night. Book your reservations directly with the hotel at (800)-843-7755. The Mission Inn will be completely booked out during our event. Please book early. We have a limited room block and rooms will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

The Mission INN HOTEL & Spa
3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

The Riverside Convention Center

Our meetings will take place in the Raincross Ballroom at the Riverside Convention Center (3637 5th Street) - one block north of The Mission Inn.

Event Schedule

Day 1Sun, December 1st, 2019
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Registration

    Grand Parisian Ballroom, Mission Inn

  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Welcome Reception

    Grand Parisian Ballroom, Mission Inn

Day 2Mon, December 2nd, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Coffee with the Vendors

  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Morning Sessions

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - Lunch

    Optional Lunch Chat Riverside Convention Center

  • 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM - Afternoon Sessions

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM - Cocktail hour with the Vendors

Day 3Tues, December 3rd, 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Coffee with the Vendors

  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Morning Sessions

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM - Lunch

    Optional Lunch Chat Riverside Convention Center

  • 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM - Afternoon Sessions

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

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The SUMMIT 2014

The SUMMIT 2013


We have ideas and samples for real life marketing campaigns that you can HAVE! Preschool gym promotions, special events, sample floor banners, social media campaigns, flyers, posters, handouts, crafts, car webbing, vending machine webbing, trash can marketing, floor campaigns, step and repeats, mirror marketing, tiny wall marketing, outside banners, building webbing, window painting, holiday campaigns, shopping bags, certificates, scholarships, library giveaways, special events, co-branded pieces, stickers, water bottles, team wear, staff wear, yard signs, stamps on kids, magazine ads, school bulletins, name tags, writing pens, contests, stuffed critters and more!

Content is not the new marketing, it IS marketing. Over 70 percent of customers’ buying decisions are made before they contact us. And they make it from the content in our website, emails, social media and word of mouth. Most of us are scrambling to generate videos, quotes, blog posts, etc. Here's a plan to create a 365 day content schedule with huge variety, but most of all, shareable, educational, emotion-driven, value-stuffed, trust-building, 'evergreen', SEO-conscious, re-purposable content… by constructing a perpetual, in-house system that not only feeds the ever-hungry content monster, but also blurs the line between sales and marketing.

They say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Certainly avoiding taxes has given rise to some inventive thinking by business owners. Sean will share foolish (albeit creative) tax schemes and write-offs that you should 100% avoid. He will also talk about some clever (and legal) strategies that every owner and tax paying citizen should be exploiting. These “inventions” will make your taxes work for you and put money back in your pocket! Lastly, Sean will cover how new The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact individuals and businesses in 2018 - 2019. Get ready to take notes!

This session will identify important financial benchmarks in our industry. Come discover if your FIBS are in line with everyone else’s FIBs. How’s your total revenue? Is your net profit in line? What’s a healthy benchmark for payroll? What is the average compensation for managers? How about owners? How much overtime did you pay out in the 2018? Who is your most highly paid employee? What class has the highest tuition rate? What is your most profitable class? What’s your percentage of real estate cost to gross? Payroll to gross? Total number of employees? Total number of employees to students enrolled? Dollars devoted to staff training? Number of new hires in last 12 months? Number of exits? Let’s compare our FIBs to everyone else's FIBs!

This highly interactive presentation challenges the entrepreneur in you to think differently about what you want for your business. Ami Kassar, the author of The Growth Dilemma, will help you identify the actionable steps you can take to solve business growth dilemmas within your organization. We will discuss the 4 stages of a business' life cycle and the financial realities aligned with each stage. Ami will then turn the focus on you, the business leader. Where are you in your journey? Are you a Glider? Grower? Speed Bumper? Exiter? What are your goals? What is your tolerance for risk? What is your aptitude for opportunity? Learn how you can forge a path for growth in 2019!

The study of market demographics and internal customer demographics tends to get relegated to expansions and new locations. Chris Porter (author of Big Shifts Ahead) and Mikaela Sharp will discuss why demographic trends are critical to every important business decision. Your community demographics and the demographics of your internal customer sub-community impact the success of your scheduling, pricing, programming, staffing, training, language, timing, billing procedures, website design, marketing, and much more. Join us in a fascinating discussion about the impact that evolving trends have on how households live and what that means for businesses.

What are the moments, throughout the years, that guided, nudged or careened you to where you are today? What are your moments of impact? This session will help us recognize the influence our moments of impact have on our life journey. That tearful realization, that frightening afternoon, the biggest risk you ever took… the joyful triumph, the wins along the way… the moves, the late nights, the early mornings… the time alone and the time everyone showed up. This session will help us recognize the strength, resilience, mistakes and fortitude that prepared us to do what we dream of doing.

What would you do differently if you knew the answer to MOST? What is your most profitable class? Your most popular age? When do you get the most online engagement? Who teaches the most students? Who loses the most students? What is your fastest growing program? What is the most common reason to drop? What is the most expensive source of payroll bleed? What is the most popular source of new leads? Who is the most toxic person in the facility? This is a discussion of quantified metrics – important metrics that gain distinction by being the most. The goal is to encourage the study and then incite action to do things differently.

Jeff will share important insights into pricing - garnered through 40+ years in the industry. Jeff is a world recognized leader in gymnastics and child based businesses. Jeff founded Kids First, in 1998. Today, Kids First is one of the largest, most successful sports and education centers in the world. Jeff brings unparalleled leadership to the podium and a generous spirit of sharing that will benefit every operator in the room!

There's an observable transition between the innocent heart of a baby and the cautious, reserved heart of a school aged child. What happens to that baby’s heart, so full of expectation, laughter and openness? Somewhere between baby innocence and elementary school, children are at risk to lose that spark and openness and their eagerness can fade into school age reservations and behavioral challenges. What can we do to nurture an open, happy baby into an open, happy child? Child rearing and daily experiences in our communities have changed dramatically over the years and our children and their development are being impacted. Learn what you can do to protect the hearts of children.

Are you prepared for today’s emergencies? Preparation in 2019 calls for sophisticated, comprehensive procedures. How will you respond to an active shooter, toxic chemicals, custody disputes, acts of terror, power outages, fires, explosions, civil disturbances and more? This session will provide information to help you create policies, and prepare your facility and your staff for emergencies. We will cover natural and man-made emergencies and will outline roles of key personnel, communication strategies, how rescue operations and medical assistance will be provided, evacuation policies and procedures, accounting for students and guests, reporting procedures, notification procedures and more.

Indigestion? As seen on t.v. there’s a drug for that! The side effects are itchy skin, severe headaches, increased risk of stroke, risk of heart failure, decreased sex drive and suicidal thoughts. WHAT? There are side effects in business too! We can get so focused on solving a problem that we discount the side effects of the solution. We will study the science of decision making among business leaders and the blind spots that we can have when it comes to identifying and implementing solutions. Throwing money at a problem. Blindly following the industry. Stubbornly refusing to move business practices forward. Poor hiring. Inability to timely terminate. Lackadaisical leadership practices. Every business decision has a side effect. Let's sort through the issues and provide tangible strategies to solve issues and manage side effects.

Our ability to grow is 100% dependent upon our ability to develop leaders. The leadership team that got us to where we are today cannot single handedly absorb new growth or expansion. A strong mentoring program facilitates seamless onboarding systems, improves employee satisfaction and productivity, increases employee retention, facilitates knowledge transfer, identifies career growth, improves quality and establishes synergy between key staff and the team. Let’s talk about practical approaches to developing a mentoring program tailored to your operation.

Is it respect? Flexibility? Culture? Is it a high rate of pay? Vacation benefits? Job security? Maybe it is a certain schedule or opportunities to advance? This session is about what employees want. If we can give them these things, it will return to us a hundred fold. If we can give our employees these things, they will gain confidence. They will be productive. They will garner the respect of others. They will be devoted. Self-motivated. Proactive. Autonomous. They will enthusiastic. Loyal. Happy. Invaluable. Join us as we uncover the surprising answers to what employees want most.

The greatest leaders do more than lead, they inspire strategic change! In this session we will explore how to think, act and lead with purpose and volition so as to transform and inspire effective action!

The greatest movement we can make toward growth and success starts and ends with our own personal growth and success. In this session we will explore the essential areas of personal development and inspiration that are fundamental pre-requisites to everything we need to be or want to achieve. 


2018 SUMMIT Agenda


Event Registration from 3:00 - 5:00 Monday, December 2nd with a SUMMIT hosted Welcome Reception from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

We are staying at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, California. Our group rates start at $156 (plus taxes) per night. Book your reservations directly with the hotel at (800) 843-7755. The Mission Inn is world renowned for its holiday appeal and will be completely booked out during our event. We have a limited room block and rooms will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

Ontario International Airport is the closest airport (18 miles).  Orange County is 41 miles and LAX a tedious 69 miles from the hotel. We strongly encourage you to fly into Ontario International if possible to avoid L.A. traffic and ground transportation costs.

We have arranged special pricing for the SUMMIT with Super Shuttle.  Click here to access our group rate.  The promo code will appear automatically when you use this special SUMMIT link.

We would love to see you at Cal Elite.  Cal Elite is located at 22982 Avenida Empresa in Rancho Santa Margarita. Cal Elite is about an hour from the Mission Inn and about 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

The Summit is an exceptional value! It is the premier business conference aimed specifically at our unique child based industry. There are no annual membership fees or monthly dues required to participate in the SUMMIT – we welcome your entire business and teaching team!

Registration is $400 per person for the first two attendees from your organization.

Registration for your 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. attendees is only $299 each. 

Registered Hotel Guests – Self parking is $17 per night / Valet parking is $22 per night.  Non-Registered Hotel Guests –as of event date, current posted rates apply for Self & Valet parking. For those who are driving in each day, daily parking is available at the Convention Center.

The Roundtable Box Luncheons are offered Wednesday, December 5th and Thursday, December 6th adjacent to our meeting room in the Convention Center.  The luncheon fee is $30 per day.  Grab your box lunch and join the greatest leaders in the industry for some rousing industry discussions!  The SUMMIT is an amazing opportunity to network!  

Our business sessions will be held in the Raincross Ballroom at the beautiful Riverside Convention Center one block north of the Mission Inn.



Our host hotel is the beautiful historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa located at 3649 Mission Inn Blvd. in Riverside, California. You may call (800) 843-7755 for reservations. We have a discounted room block under THE SUMMIT. The Mission Inn offers a spectacular holiday setting that is simply amazing!

Riverside Convention Center

Our business meetings are held in the Raincross Ballroom at the Riverside Convention Center. The Convention Center is located a block north of the Mission Inn at 3637 5th Street.

Order Books Online

The Growth Dilemma by Ami Kassar

Most entrepreneurs are looking for ways to push their companies to grow. But we often struggle with decisions about how big we want to become, how much money to invest, and how to even go about it. If you want more, but are not sure how to think about the problems, obligations, and risk that come with growth, The Growth Dilemma is a must read! In The Growth Dilemma, Ami shows us how to sort through our choices to build our business to the size and complexity that makes the most sense for each of us. He'll walk us through exercises that help:

  • Answer the crucial million-dollar question
  • Figure out what entrepreneurial stage you're in
  • Determine your personal risk profile
  • Identify your own growth aspirations

Knowing these pieces to your puzzle will not only influence how you think about your growth dilemma but will also allow you to discover tangible solutions in your journey to success.

Summit guests can purchase speaker Ami Kassar’s Amazon Best Seller book, The Growth Dilemma by clicking here.

Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Business by John Burns & Chris Porter

Demographics determine the direction of your business. Demographic trends can be overwhelming, misleading, confusing, conflicting, and difficult to predict. Not anymore.

John Burns and Chris Porter wrote Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Business to help entrepreneurs understand, quantify, and anticipate demographic trends. Readers of this book will have a huge competitive advantage because they will be making decisions with facts, and they will be better able to adjust their strategies when unanticipated events shift prevailing trends. Know the facts, and learn to plan your business better and support your decisions with facts. Learn about the Big Influencers that affect trends… that affect your business. Learn about the biggest demographic opportunities that can help move your business in the right direction in 2019!

SUMMIT guests can purchase speaker Chris Porter's book, Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity For Business today by clicking here.